Spring Equinox Horns

Celebrate a new spring season with this beautiful green curved horn headdress. Lush verdant greenery adorns this Faerie crown in celebration of spring, renewal, and rebirth. Resting on a bed of moss are leaves, ferns, and white flowers. Many of the leaves on this headdress are made using EVA foam, cut, detailed and painted by… Continue reading Spring Equinox Horns

Stone Altar Faerie Crown

Inspired by the roots and vines that wrap around stones along the creek bed I used to spend all day playing by in my childhood. This headdress is made using EVA foam. The horns are built, detailed, and painted by hand. The arch and stone portion of the crown are inspired by old stone runes… Continue reading Stone Altar Faerie Crown

Silver Chained Masquerade Mask

Available in our shop at https://visualechoesstudio.etsy.com Mysterious, elegant, and sexy. This masquerade mask is designed to teasingly hide the wearer’s face while showing a glimpse of skin and lips. Sixteen vertical lengths of silver chain links hang from this mask, glittering in the light and gently tickling the skin. Framing the eyes are hundreds of… Continue reading Silver Chained Masquerade Mask

Crimson Horn

Available at https://visualechoesstudio.etsy.com I was inspired to make something dark, moody, but sexy and arrived at this headdress design. Featuring two sets of horns, the larger set curve like traditional ram horns and the secondary horns point up in traditional “devil” style. The crown is a mixture of many inspirations but mostly the bones of… Continue reading Crimson Horn