I was at a loss to name this mask. I kept imagining someone wearing this out in the desert, preparing for either a huge rave or some kind of Mad Max hyper-violent battle.

Or maybe it was just an excuse to try a faux-hawk.

Til Death Do Us Part Vol II

I really love collaborating with my husband on projects. We see things differently but manage to work in tandem, both contributing our halves to create a whole piece. This is what the Til Death series is about.

He creates beautiful frames and then I create the masks to match them. This time we opted for a black shiny frame and poured resin into the backing. I love random pouring resin, it’s so beautiful to watch. Our pour started with a jet black base, followed by red and just a tiny bit of gold. Once you get going with the heat gun the resin starts to bleed and come to life! It’s meditative in a way.

We obtained some red that is just damn sexy and I knew that it had to go with this frame. The mask was another meditative process. After it was assembled using a black material I dusted red from tip to base, tapering it to allow for the black to show in some places. After that I highlighted each piece with a series of dots of paint; dozens and dozens if not hundreds of reds and golds, all as dots of paint on each piece. Once the paint dried I set about adding the black beads. I chose black because I love how it adds depth and texture without overpowering the rest of the look.

There are two strands of very VERY tiny beads (they’re so tiny, stringing them is an exercise of zen like patience) that are detachable and clip on to the chainmail.

I really love how it turned out. I can’t wait to make more! These take a while for us to construct because it’s an organic process. We never start out with a specific idea in mind; we just kind of follow where the project leads us.

HAPPY 2020!

Woodland Owl

One of my oldest designs keeps making a comeback. The fabric originally used to construct this mask was discontinued and so the hunt for something comparable began. We found this beautiful warm brown fabric and with the tips painted, it just comes to life.

Even though we managed to hunt down fabric that looks similar to what we used in the past, the mask still needed to be re-shot. I love how big this mask is. You feel like you’re hiding behind a shield.

I’m making a white version next, for snowy owl enthusiasts.

woodland owl mask

Blue Chimera

I cannot get enough of this mask. Individually cut and attached faux leather pieces are painted electric blue fan out from the face. Multi chrome jewels decorate the outer most pieces and shimmer in the light when you turn your head. Beautiful blue and black feathers frame either side of the face, curving to meet at the top of the head. Surrounding the eyes are hundreds of black beads, some 5mm and others 2mm.

This mask is very lightweight and comfortable to wear! Like all of my masks, there is fleece padding on the inside of the mask to provide comfort so you can rock this look all day and all night.

Mask size: One Size Fits All

This mask will fit ages six and up. We will happily add additional padding to the mask to provide a comfortable fit for smaller faces, at no extra charge. Please let us know if you are ordering for a child or would prefer extra padding on your mask.

Waterproof: No
Flexibility (Will it bend to fit my face?): Moderately Flexible
Material: Faux leather
Comes with: Elastic Band

Ordering multiples of the same mask:
If you see a design you like and would like multiples made, please reach out to me. Bulk orders receive a discount and can be finished in a timely manner to ensure you receive your masks in time.

Caring for your mask:
All masks are given a protective glossy coat on the inside and have strategically placed fleece padding for comfort. If the interior of the mask should get dirty from being worn, gently wipe down the mask with a gentle cleaner (makeup remover is fine to use) and spot clean the fleece using warm water and a gentle dabbing motion.
Please note that these masks are not water proof. While they are fine if they get slightly damp, a soaking will likely cause damage.
As with any mask with feathers, you may need to preen and adjust the pieces to your liking.