Welcome to Visual Echoes Studio. We are a creative studio that specializes in masquerade masks, wood art pieces, photography, and video art.


We are Timothy and Sarah. What started as a small creative project has transformed into a business we both love with a passion. 

Husband and Wife team!

Want to request a custom order?

We’re very happy to create custom designs! Please contact us with your ideas through our shop on Etsy. Click the Shop link in our menu or click the link HERE.


Woodland Owl

One of my oldest designs keeps making a comeback. The fabric originally used to construct this mask was discontinued and so the hunt for something comparable began. We found this beautiful warm brown fabric and with the tips painted, it just comes to life. Even though we managed to hunt down fabric that looks similar …

Blue Chimera

I cannot get enough of this mask. Individually cut and attached faux leather pieces are painted electric blue fan out from the face. Multi chrome jewels decorate the outer most pieces and shimmer in the light when you turn your head. Beautiful blue and black feathers frame either side of the face, curving to meet …