White Queen

We’ve been teaming up: Model & Photographer.
It’s great. One of us will text the other with “I feel like shooting, let’s do something.” and we’ll put something together.

I had a lot of fun styling this.

Kayleigh8-21-14242 Kayleigh8-21-14161


Starting a Portfolio

It’s not often that I get a chance to start a portfolio for someone, i.e. be the first photographer they work with. Kayleigh did an amazing job and looks so naturally gorgeous on camera, it’s pretty much impossible to mess up a shoot with her.

Modeling is such vulnerable work. Posing for the camera eye requires a level of self awareness that takes years to perfect. I think Kayleigh is a natural.

Kayleigh184bw Kayleigh275 Kayleigh291v1 Kayleigh297v3web 3 pose K

Sun Room

katelynn sun150 katelynn sun215 katelynn sun038 katelynn sun070v2 katelynn sun123 katelynn sun122

These past few months have been incredible: New House, new studio, new location, it’s a new beginning. I’ve worked with Katelynn Newberry┬ánumerous times throughout the past few years and so I knew it would be wonderful to collaborate again. We scheduled a shoot as she was passing through the area on her way back home from NYC.

I love the new studio rooms, including the sun room. If you are interested in shooting inside this room, please contact me.

Deanna Deadly 2012

I haven’t seen or worked with Deanna in a couple of years, so when she emailed me about crashing at the studio for a night I of course said yes!
On another North Eastern tour, she reached the studio at close to midnight and was given the star treatment: “Hi! Come in. Are you hungry? Food is in the fridge. Here is your blanket. Good night.”

The next day was one of those no rush, start shooting whenever you want, kind of days. Her ever changing hair color is currently vibrant blue and purple and I had some beautiful white flowers growing in the back yard, so we started with that concept and shot an easy going portrait session. Perfect considering the heat and lack of air conditioning in the studio.

Deanna Deadly


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