Crimson Horn

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I was inspired to make something dark, moody, but sexy and arrived at this headdress design. Featuring two sets of horns, the larger set curve like traditional ram horns and the secondary horns point up in traditional “devil” style.

The crown is a mixture of many inspirations but mostly the bones of a hand and a spider’s body combined, carved into EVA foam with three “prongs” emerging adorned by red and black rhinestones.
The raven’s skull in the middle is a piece that I sculpted and then cast in resin and hand painted with red touches. I love fringe so I wanted to add some to complete this piece and add some movement and dimension as well as silky texture.
As a final subtle touch, I also included black petal flowers at the base of the crown.

The necklace pictured is included with this headdress. It is hand made using sections of black lace that overlay the same red fringe used on the headdress and has an adjustable clasp.

Horns (tip to tip) approximately 18″ wide
Crown from base to tip: 10″ tall
Headdress band adjustment: 18″ – 22″
Weight: 7 Ounces

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