Silver Chained Masquerade Mask

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Mysterious, elegant, and sexy. This masquerade mask is designed to teasingly hide the wearer’s face while showing a glimpse of skin and lips. Sixteen vertical lengths of silver chain links hang from this mask, glittering in the light and gently tickling the skin.

Framing the eyes are hundreds of silver beads, starting with 5mm and then giving way to 3mm, each placed by hand.

The black material is faux leather that is durable, water resistant, UV resistant, with no odor. These pieces are adhered to a firm but flexible base that holds its shape, minimizing the amount of pressure on your face for a long term comfortable wear.

This mask is VERY lightweight and this along with cuts of fleece placed at key parts to provide cushion makes it comfortable to wear for long periods of time. Fleece is placed carefully on the inside of the mask to cover the chain mail pieces, preventing them from touching or digging into the skin.

Available in our shop at