Stone Altar Faerie Crown

Inspired by the roots and vines that wrap around stones along the creek bed I used to spend all day playing by in my childhood. This headdress is made using EVA foam. The horns are built, detailed, and painted by hand. The arch and stone portion of the crown are inspired by old stone runes that were carved in ancient times by our ancestors. Beautiful green moss adorns the crown and seems to grow from the horns themselves.

My goal with this design is to impart the feeling of ancient sacred spaces, where the stillness blankets everything and the mind goes quiet.

This headdress is designed to be worn like an adjustable headband and attaches with hook & eye strips in the back.
Horns (tip to tip) approximately 10″ wide
Crown from base to tip: 13″ tall
Headdress band adjustment: 18″ – 22″
Weight: 5 Ounces (very lightweight, please do not forget that you are wearing it)

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