Time Traveling Fashion Thief

Whisking through time and fashion periods, Rachel paused long enough in the living room for a red hot beautiful photoshoot.

I’ve been having a blast working with hair. It’s amazing to style someone who has hair that actually obeys any kind of orders I give it. My mess of tangles and curls can really only do about two things: Eat bobby pins and pretending to be properly straightened before trying to devour my face.

Rachel, as always, is incredible to work with. Not only does she bring a great energy to the shoot, she looks amazing in front of the camera.

I love how family and friends now give me gifts or donate items to be used in photoshoots. This shoot featured a rabbit fur jacket given to me by my grandmother. The beautiful red skirt was made by my mother and is so much fun to wear in general. The hat was given to me along with an amazing costume that I will keep secret for future photographic purposes.


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