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Queen Bee

I always love shooting with Rachel. She really brings an entire concept to life and makes it look effortless as she’s doing it. Plus she’s fun to work with.
It took hours to alter this dress/shirt to represent what I wanted; a military inspired Queen Bee. I’m having a blast using animal influences to steer a shoot theme. The big thing for me was to not get stereotypical with it: Don’t get stupid with black and yellow stripes, a stinger and little pom pom antenna. I decided to alter an outfit that wasn’t black and yellow, you’ll notice that it’s actually gold and grey.
When I think of bees, I think of a hive. These amazing social insects are very military to me. Everyone has a purpose and there is ONE Queen in charge. I wanted Rachel to portray that attitude of, simply put, knowing you’re the shit.
Taking the military/bee influence and applying it to fashion, I decided to not have one stinger but many represented by the screws which also represented the building of a hive and manufacturing of honey and the shoulder coins to give a sort of General commander feel. Yes, this dress is just one big metaphor.

Everything came together and the shoot was amazing. Rachel rocked it of course!
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