I’ve been a patron of PayPal for years now. Processing print orders, booking fees and session fees through them. Call me a sucker for convenience; they were the first “free” merchant service I had come across when I was looking for one years ago and I’ve stuck with them since.
And by stuck with them, I mean, despite all the horrible things I consistently heard about them advising people to destroy antiquities before issuing refunds and freezing charity funds under the guise of security.
When you read the personal accounts of what many former users have experienced, a different image of PayPal emerges; one of greed and purposeful misdirection. They operate on a “no personal appeal” policy. If they decide to freeze your account, for any reason, they will and they WILL keep any money within that account.
It’s quite easy for them!

After a recent personal struggle with them I have decided that I refuse to delay services to my clients because of PayPal’s inept attitude towards customer service and their overwhelmingly apparent greed. Therefore I am closing my account and will no longer do business with them.

Yes, they can consider this their quarterly review.

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