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Sometimes life throws you one of those “Wait… What?” moments and you do what anyone else would do, and that would be to sit there for a moment wondering if you’re on candid camera. There I was, frittering away another afternoon with web design and photo editing when I saw that I had a new message via Model Mayhem.

I opened the message to find myself textually introduced to Ms. Deanna Deadly who explained that she was on (what I would call) a modeling tour through various states and Buffalo NY was an optional destination. Actually to clarify; Buffalo was between one shoot and the next and would have her passing through around 11pm, so she was wondering if we had any place where she could crash.

Small side note, Deanna Deadly was in this years Fetish Ball both in Dallas and D.C!

Cue my double take. I mean, many photographers will tell you that many models seem to have a phobia of their camera weilding counterparts. Escorts will be with them making sure we don’t try to get them naked, they won’t provide any contact information, etc etc…

Yet here is Deanna putting a lot of trust in me and asking if we have a spot. Which of course, we do. After chatting with the references she provided, we finalized the date and time she would be arriving to stay the night. I honestly wasn’t positive she would arrive, so when I got the call and she was at the door, it was somehow still a surprise!

After getting her a late night snack, we stayed up even longer just sitting around and chatting about whatever until someone (I don’t remember who) announced to everyone else that it was late and not only did we hope to do a shoot with Deanna the next day, we had two other models coming into the studio for two separate shoots. (yeesh!)

The next day, after some delicious breakfast omelettes, we dinked around for a while until it was really really time to do the shoot before Deanna had to leave. It was a lot of fun trying different things, I wish we had more time as she has such a unique look, there were a lot more things I would have liked to try.

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