Kenton and Rebecca

While visiting Wisconsin in November, I was fortunate enough to have friends Kenton and Rebecca request a session with with their newborn daughter, Mirabelle. Photography of infants is a process I find very meditative, if you can imagine. In my mind, you cannot go wrong. Babies will be babies and all I have to do is be there to capture the connection between an infant and her parents. I set aside a lot of time for photo sessions such as these so everyone, especially the parents, can relax in front of the camera and also be relaxed when they aren’t in front of the lens but on the sidelines while their baby is photographed. Once everyone is relaxed, it is such a natural process. This was a real treat since Mirabelle was a few days old. I felt newly introduced to her and discovering her likes and dislikes (When she’s alone, she prefers to pose on her tummy) was a true delight.

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