KateLynn and Zaftigg

It is always wonderful when people I have worked with approach me for another session. Both KateLynn and Zaftigg are fantastic women I have done shoots with in the past and it was amazing to work with both of them again, at once.  My partner in crime and I were charged with creating a concept that was both strong enough to do these women justice and still let them be the stars of the show.
I’ve seen many incredible images in which ropes and suspension are used and I loved the idea of secured ropes allowing models to pose in ways that they could not likely do, relying on their own balance.
This shoot is likely to be one of my favorites. From the very start we had so much fun putting it all together and they were fantastic even though I know there were moments of much discomfort.

What is so great about KateLynn and Zaftigg is their natural ability to take the concept of a shoot and drive it forward with their own talent, bringing to life a concept we had hoped for but giving it such a vitality that I grin in delight like a happy dork when looking at the results. I love ropes and suspension and their effects (blame it on my love of Cirque Du Soleil) but the last thing I wanted were women who were bound and helpless.

Zaftigg and KateLynn were the perfect models for this idea. They radiate strength and beauty and it translates and speaks through the resulting images.

Visit the ol’ portfolio for the rest from this shoot!

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