Gene Goodreau Patient Assistance Fund

In 2010 a friend of mine quietly shared the news about one of her closest companions, Garry, who had been diagnosed with Cancer. Given a very grim prognosis, he was told to settle his affairs and say goodbye to his family and friends.
I’ve never met Garry, but over the course of nine months we heard about his stubbornness and bravery, fighting his Cancer and seeking treatment despite what he had been told about the odds. We learned that he found a surgeon who would give him a chance and that taking that chance meant changing location, something difficult enough without fighting cancer. With support from his family, he made it work and transformed his ordeal into a fight for and celebration of life.

It was a quiet day for me when I heard of his passing. Even though we weren’t there with Garry, we could feel his fight and love for life. His story, like many other’s, is a story about not shying away or giving up under the pressures of life but moving forward with support and love surrounding you.

In pure Garry fashion, my friend became determined to do something to make a difference for cancer sufferers. She and I teamed up and built a website and as we worked, I learned more and more about the different ways we can help those who are seeking treatment. That’s how I learned about the  Gene Goodreau Patient Assistance Fund. This program helped finance some of the treatments and services Garry needed, making it possible for him to receive the treatment he requested.

Taken from Freak Poker Run’s website:

While being treated for cancer, many people do not have benefits. Their illness makes it impossible for them to work, leaving them with no income during this trying time. Patients can be forced to deplete their savings, sell assets, or go into debt just to finance the costs for treatment that government funding does not cover. Because these patients at one time had assets and/or income, often they do not qualify for other assistance. This can put hard working patients and families into financial crisis.

This is the reason for the patient assistance fund. The Gene Goodreau Patient Assistance Fund helps to bridge the gap and take part of the financial burden from these patients so they can focus on battling their disease.

For more information on what their funding is available for, click here.

Visual Echoes has donated numerous prints to this cause. June has been an exciting month and many people have already chipped in and received beautiful prints. It would mean the world to me and many cancer victims, if you could share the word and maybe lend a hand. Print donations are affordable, starting at only $20.00

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