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Art and Innovation

There is an ongoing doomsday argument of predicting when a certain artistic medium will be eliminated or changed and whether or not that will destroy the goodness of art. As if a painter could be artistically paralyzed if someone made them change brushes.
I’m a digital photo baby. The closest I ever came to film was a Polaroid camera in my pre-teen days. Every now and then I find myself against the ropes as a much more experienced photographer, decades my senior, scoffs at my lack of knowledge in regards to film. While I put up my gloves to defend myself, I don’t mind taking a few punches if they need to do it to feel better about being threatened by my work. (insert snarky laugh here)
In reality, I have a vast amount of respect for good photographers who still use film. When you do it well and you know your medium, that does demands respect.

I ride the fence and as a result, find myself on the outskirts of the argument. For me, if the work is inspiring and well done, I don’t care if someone made it with a point and shoot. Maybe I’m one of those annoying optimists, unaware of my own oncoming artistic demise.
How about the use of high definition video cameras and software that allow you to get crisp and incredible still frames? Is it cheating??? You can use any kind of equipment you want, but without that soul and the street smarts to get it right, you may as well stand in a dark room and pass gas for all it really means.

I don’t know if I can truly explain how intense my love for artistic expression through photography is.  It’s beyond taking pictures. The idea that people enthusiastically come here to work with me and create something is beyond incredible.


I enjoy working with Michelle so much. Isn’t it great to be able to get together with someone and comfortably work with a concept that’s new to you? We went through quite a bit of body painting for this shoot and it was an amazing freehand project. Michelle is also the model who had thorns all over her face so she may have been used to my outlandish ideas by this point…

There are more in the gallery, check it out!

Living in the Buff

Every now and then, I get together with Paul from Living in the Buff studios for a photoshoot. Who gets to be the model is often the result of a debate or who has the “better idea” that we both feel like doing.

I’m not ashamed to admit that I often beg him to make a fleeting vision in my mind come to life and if I ever want an image of myself, he is the photographer I go to. He just gets it, you know?

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He’s scary

I love transformations. Seeing the birth of a character not naturally present within a person is both exhilarating and at times, frightening. I wanted to take away all telling features and colors of the human face and leave the lines, the hairs, the texture and the expressions.
To do this to anyone would be to see a dramatic change, but to paint someone I know quite well and see them create a being I have never witnessed in them before was incredible.
And yeah… A little scary.

If you click them, they will grow.

The model is Paul from Living in the Buff studio and you absolutely should check out his galleries if you haven’t already.

Z and J

It was with great excitement that we confirmed that the stunning chameleon Zaftigg would be storming the city of Buffalo and camping with us for the night.  Not only that, but she promised that she would be bringing a mysterious Makeup Artist and would love to do a shoot.

I’ve worked with Zaftigg a couple of times in the past and it has always been great. She has so much attitude the air is thick with it.

KateLynn and Zaftigg
Zaftigg leaping and dancing for an hour straight

Any photographer who works with models as fearless as this know that it’s like Christmas has come early. So the night arrived and they came tromping into the studio where they would crash for the night after attending high spirited shenanigans in downtown Buffalo.
Z had brought stylist extraordinaire Joseph Frank of Joseph Frank Aesthetics and as we all relaxed and chatted, I wondered what it would be like to work with a stylist for the very first time (I have styled all previous shoots).

The next morning was an easy going and cheerful prelude to the photoshoot which grew in creativity and concept as we all pooled our ideas together to create one big monster awesome plan. I had decided to do the shoot in one of our studio’s unused bedrooms (storage room really) because I had previously painted the walls but was very open to the idea of messing them up again.

Styling and makeup applied, outfits donned, lighting ready, music thumping and paint (paint?!? – Yes, paint) at the ready, the shoot began and, as it does in the best situations, grew like a glorious monster and took a life of its own, especially when Joseph got involved himself.

Zaftigg, the Bride

May I add that it would be so awesome to do engagement photos like these?
And then of course, the painting began!

Art Bitch

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Commissioned work

I’ve been having an awesome time working with clients who want to experience a real modeling session that not only provides them with hair styling and makeup, but truly challenges them to step out of their comfort zone, express different emotions, and appreciate how beautiful they are when they see the results.

It sounds serious but we have a good time. I enjoy working with people who want to try something new so there is lots of laughter and as I like to say “Tom Foolery”.
Another reason why I don’t place a time limit on these sessions; they are about an experience for all involved.

I’ll continue to post a few of my favorites from various sessions, with the permission of the models.

Rachel and Spider

It was a blast working with Rachel again and having an opportunity to do a shoot with a lovely tarantula as well. I’ve shown some images to a few people and the majority of the reactions were themed around “ew” and “weren’t you afraid?”
She was quite a civil model and only became slightly defensive once. The spider, not Rachel.
I learned that tarantulas, when handled in a respectful way, are very reasonable creatures and really, they just want to hang out somewhere safe.

This shoot was fun and another example of why Rachel is a great model. This was all her idea!

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