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My sister came to visit a couple weeks back, right before Mother’s Day and it was only fitting (since she brought her beautiful daughter Arianna) that we do a Mother’s Day shoot. I had created this paper crown on a whim, playing with color, glitter, and shapes.  We were playing around with different looks and once the crown was placed on her head it was a moment of: Yes. Goddess.

We can all feel the heavy power of motherhood in our souls; the word “Mother” carries such meaning and importance. For better or for worse, mother means everything. I wanted to capture the beautiful connection both between mother and child, and between my sister and her daughter. There is duality in this picture for us. I painted and crowned my sister as a goddess, but now looking at her I am humbled by knowing her as my own flesh and blood with all the beautiful aspects of humanity.


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2016 was a year of amazing growth and devastating loss. I am hoping that as I move forward I can set aside the time and energy to take more  pictures. The process is a draining but wholly fulfilling one. Cheers.


morri 044

White Queen

We’ve been teaming up: Model & Photographer.
It’s great. One of us will text the other with “I feel like shooting, let’s do something.” and we’ll put something together.

I had a lot of fun styling this.

Kayleigh8-21-14242 Kayleigh8-21-14161


Starting a Portfolio

It’s not often that I get a chance to start a portfolio for someone, i.e. be the first photographer they work with. Kayleigh did an amazing job and looks so naturally gorgeous on camera, it’s pretty much impossible to mess up a shoot with her.

Modeling is such vulnerable work. Posing for the camera eye requires a level of self awareness that takes years to perfect. I think Kayleigh is a natural.

Kayleigh184bw Kayleigh275 Kayleigh291v1 Kayleigh297v3web 3 pose K